Armani Silos Milan

Armani/Silos, a unique cultural space dedicated to the world of fashion and design, created by the legendary fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

History and Architecture:

  • Armani/Silos opened its doors in 2015 in a former industrial complex dating back to the 1950s, located in the vibrant Tortona district of Milano.
  • The space was meticulously renovated and transformed by Giorgio Armani himself into a contemporary museum and exhibition center, showcasing his illustrious career and creative vision.

Exhibitions and Collections:

  • Armani/Silos houses a vast collection of garments, accessories, sketches, and photographs spanning Giorgio Armani’s groundbreaking career in fashion.
  • The museum features thematic exhibitions curated by Armani himself, offering insights into his design process, inspirations, and evolution as a designer.
  • Visitors can explore Armani’s iconic creations, from timeless suits and evening gowns to innovative fabrics and avant-garde accessories, displayed across four floors of exhibition space.

The Restaurant:

  • The museum is home to Armani/Ristorante, a sophisticated dining destination offering contemporary Italian cuisine with a focus on seasonal ingredients and culinary craftsmanship.
  • Armani/Ristorante provides an elegant setting for lunch or dinner, with sleek décor, attentive service, and panoramic views of Milano’s skyline.

Getting There:

  • By Public Transport: Armani/Silos is conveniently located near public transportation options. Visitors can take the M2 metro line to the Porta Genova station, followed by a short walk to the museum.
  • Using MilanoCard: MilanoCard holders can enjoy free access to public transport within the city, making it easy to reach Armani/Silos using the metro or other means of public transportation. Additionally, MilanoCard offers discounts on admission to cultural attractions, including Armani/Silos, making it a cost-effective option for exploring Milano’s cultural offerings.

Visiting Armani/Silos offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of fashion and design, as seen through the eyes of one of Italy’s most iconic designers. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, an admirer of contemporary art, or simply curious about Giorgio Armani’s creative legacy, Armani/Silos promises a memorable and inspiring experience for visitors of all ages.

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