Museo del 900 Milano

The Museo del Novecento (Museum of the 20th Century) in Milan is a captivating cultural destination that offers a journey through the artistic movements of the 20th century. Here’s what you need to know:

What to See:

  • The museum’s collection includes over 4,000 artworks, providing a comprehensive overview of 20th-century Italian art.
  • Visitors can admire masterpieces by renowned artists such as Umberto Boccioni, Giorgio de Chirico, Amedeo Modigliani, and Lucio Fontana.
  • The museum’s exhibits cover a wide range of artistic movements, including Futurism, Metaphysical art, Abstract art, and Arte Povera.
  • Highlights include Boccioni’s iconic sculpture “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space,” as well as works by other influential Italian artists of the period.

Opening Hours:

  • The Museo del Novecento is generally open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM.
  • It’s closed on Mondays, with the exception of certain holidays.
  • Extended evening hours are available on Thursdays, typically until 10:30 PM.

Ticket Prices:

  • Ticket prices vary depending on factors such as age, residency, and any temporary exhibitions that may be on display.
  • Generally, standard admission prices range from €5 to €10 for adults, with reduced rates for students, seniors, and other eligible groups.
  • Special ticket packages may be available for access to temporary exhibitions or combined admission to multiple museums in Milan.
  • Museo del Novecento is included in MilanoCard + Civic Museum
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